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hnla is a leader in developing fire safety design solutions to architecturally bespoke buildings, with experience in solving ‘difficult’ cases in a cost-effective manner.

We do this by thoroughly understanding the outcomes of the design, and by using leading-edge computational tools to carefully check our proposals. These include Computational Fluid Dynamics tools for calculating smoke spread, and Finite Element calculations to model structural deformations due to fire-induced heating.

hnla fire engineering is able to engage in solving specific fire safety design issues within the building process.

fire safety design

Building designers often encounter unexpected problems with fire safety issues during the design and approval process. This can occur at any stage, even when the building is at or near completion.

Our fire safety engineers have considerable experience in finding cost effective solutions where building or other approval has been withheld.

Supported, where cost effective, by computational methods, hnla can provide fire safety engineering design methodologies that can allow architects to achieve increased building functionality, conserve aesthetics and save building costs and time.

fire safety design
'Fire Safety Engineering can provide an alternative approach to fire safety. It may be the only practical way to achieve a satisfactory standard of fire safety in some large and complex buildings and in buildings containing different uses, e.g., airport terminals.Fire safety engineering may also be suitable for solving a problem with an aspect of the building design which otherwise follows provisions in this document'.
[Approved Document B (2006 Edition) to the Building Regulations 2010
fire detection & Suppression