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Fire Detection and Suppression

The hnla Fire Safety Engineering team has experience in the design, specification and testing
of fire detection and suppression systems for a wide range of applications.
Where prescriptive design codes are inadequate or unsuitable for the application in question,
we can develop performance-based solutions based on our extensive experience coupled with
advanced analytical techniques. We can apply this methodology equally effectively for sprinkler,
deluge, water mist and ‘clean agent’ fire suppression media.

fire detection & suppression

Fire Safety Training

Training is a requirement under fire safety legislation in many countries and it is the responsibility
of employers to ensure that training is properly and competently carried out.

hnla offers a range of standard courses as well as providing a bespoke service for those
with specific training needs.

Policy Documents

hnla Fire Engineering can assist organisations by providing an individually tailored Fire
Management Policy which is specific to each location and risk. The Fire Management
Policy will fit the needs of building management and meet the requirements
of national and local legislation.

Building Inspection and Fire Investigation

We are able to carry out building inspections for a wide range of purposes related to fire
these include.

Evaluation of fire safety in existing buildings.

Assessment of the impact of fire on business continuity.

Assessment of contractor’s compliance with building specifications.

Post incident fire investigation.

Assessment of fire protection systems.

Expert Witness

hnla Fire Engineering is able to offer expert witness services on any matter relating to fire safety
engineering and fire investigation. Our fire engineers have provided advice and evidence in civil and
criminal matters. These include proceedings in Coroners Courts, Criminal Courts and the Court of Appeal in the UK.

Fire Risk Assessment

Fire risk assessments provide real benefits to businesses. Taking a few simple steps can
prevent fires from breaking out. Fire damage can be reduced and business continuity ensured.

hnla provides the total fire risk assessment solution. Working through a network of consultants,
we are able to offer a comprehensive and consistent risk assessment service. This service enables you to minimize fire risks to your business and achieve full compliance with statutory obligations.