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One in four new homes built in the UK is timber framed. They are easier to construct and considered more eco-friendly than traditionally built homes. The fire risks associated with timber frames under construction are significantly different from traditional buildings. A number of serious fire have occurred on timber frames sites which have led the HSE introduce new requirements to satisfy the  Construction  (Design and Management) Regulations.


Timber frame structure

Fire in timber construction  

Over 20 Immediate Prohibition Notices have been served by the HSE regarding timber frame building sites

(HSE - Immediate Prohibition Notice 305990447 20/11/2014)“…there is no evidence of an off site fire plan or risk assessment and the unprotected timber frame structure has been erected in close proximity to the fire exits of neighbouring buildings.

hnla Fire Engineering provides assessments covering risks to adjacent properties as well as site workers and others. Our reports follow guidance provided by the Structural Timber Association which is the encouraged approach by the HSE.
Where external fire spread issues are complex, we are able to provide thermal radiation modelling. This methodology is widely accepted and can provide cost savings on the use of standard guidance.

radiation modelling